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Tea Fun Facts

uses for unused tea bags

Uses for Unused Tea Bags - What Can You Do with Old Tea Bags?

We all are guilty of this. Stashed in the deepest, darkest corner of our pantry, is a box of tea that someone gave us years ago. Tea has some amazing health benefits when drunk fresh, but what can you do with tea that is old, gone stale or just lost its flavour?
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history tea in china

How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Tea - Hot-to-Cold Tea Method

Seems simple right? Yet tea brewing has been the subject of much focus and debate, with tea cultural centres like Japan and China having elaborate rituals that are associated with serving tea. Even Britain, which is known to be culturally reserved, has an obsession with this drink. So much so that George Orwell, the famous author, found it necessary to write an essay on the 11 cardinal rules of brewing tea, which includes his distaste for sugaring the drink.
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health benefits of chinese tea

Popularity Facts On Coffee Vs Tea: Which Is The Winner?

Coke vs Pepsi. Tom vs Jerry. Microsoft vs Apple. Right up there with these world famous rivalries has to a rivalry as old as time - The eternal tussle between coffee and tea! Each drink has its loyal supporters, with coffee drinkers being associated with that busy buzz of energy while tea drinkers are seen to be zen and restive. Obviously, there are benefits to both beverages but is one really better than another? Letís find out!

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how to brew a perfect cup of tea

Tea Leaf Grading System - How to Determine Good Quality Tea?

We all know what a good cup of tea tastes like but we donít always get a chance to sample the tea before buying it. So how do we know whether we are getting the right type and quality? Often, box labels have a series of letters and number. Hereís where knowledge of tea grading systems come in handy. Knowing the terms enough to decipher the label on the box can provide more insight into the type of tea you are purchasing.

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coffee vs tea popularity

Master The Art Of Tea Storage - What Is Tea Oxidation?

Believe it or not, teas do have an expiry date. Teas are delicate and need to be properly stored so the flavour of every brew is retained. Improper storage can lead to tea losing its aroma and flavour, making it stale and flat. Knowing how long you have left to drink your tea is an important part of the tea experience!

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tea leaf grading system

The History of Tea in China - Zen Buddhist Tea Ceremony

A cup of well brewed tea, whether it be green, black, or red is a guilty pleasure made of lots of pleasure and very little guilt. The steam wafting from a hot cup, the uplifting aroma and the unhurried sipping of the warm brew provide a welcome slowing down from the rush of life. Unlike coffee, tea is the drink of contemplation and relaxation.

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master the art of tea storage

Health Benefits of Chinese Tea - Free Radicals Antioxidants

LuT’ung would be pleased to know that tea is definitely one drink that would bring you closer to immortality. A staple in the Buddhist philosophy, tea is said to aid meditation by clearing the head and now we have the research to back it up. In fact, researchers have dispelled the urban myth that tea is dehydrating because it contains caffeine.

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