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Gift Pack - Flower Teas
茶礼包 - 花茶
Gift Pack of Flower Teas. Consists of Jasmine Pearl and Osmanthus Oolong.
Price from $ 45.00
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Gift Pack - Best Sellers
茶礼包 - 最受欢迎
Gift Pack of our Best Sellers. Consists of Beauty of the East and Jasmine Pearls.
Price from $ 45.00
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Tea Sampler
Can't decide? Why not try all the main 4 categories here!
Price from $ 45.00
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Red Peony Teapot & Cups
Functional and pretty teapot with 2 cups.
Price from $ 68.00
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Workshop Voucher Set
Tea appreciation workshop with meal for 2!
Price from $ 90.00
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Cash Voucher
Cash Voucher.
Price from $ 20.00
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Gift Box with Tea
Gift Box with 2 cans of tea - choose from the selection we have.
Price from $ 120.00
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